Ways to Keep Scholars Engaged During Fall Intersession October 12-22

Parents, the MESA Fall intersession is October 12-22. There are ways to keep your

young scholar engaged during the break. Think about what your child(ren) is/are

passionate about and then use those interests as natural motivators to engage them

during this time. Whether he is fixated on one thing, or has a few areas of intense

interest, there are simple things you can use to work those fascinations into something

fun and engaging,

Here are 5 things you can explore to actively engage your scholars during the Fall

Intersession and help them feel personally connected to their learning:

Daily Journal: Have your scholars keep a daily journal recording their

weeklong experiences. This will keep reading and writing skills sharp.

Reading: Reading is one of the easiest ways to keep a scholar’s mind engaged

during a break from structured educational activities. You can hit up your local

library for options.

Advance their education: Have your scholars visit the zoo, a museum of art,

history, or science. Many museums have one day or evening per week offering

free or reduced admission.

Try Cooking: Pick up a cookbook for young people from the library and have

them follow an easy step-by-step recipe.

Volunteer Opportunities: Encourage older scholars to stay active in the

community by volunteering. Volunteering provides valuable experience by

helping students develop leadership and job skills, exposing them to potential

career opportunities, and helping them make their own professional connections

within their community.

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