Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy

6600 West Melvina Street

Milwaukee, WI 53216

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Phone: 414-353-3830

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A Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC) Charter School


The Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy staff have set very high expectations for students, and the students live up to these expectations. Our leadership staff is always focused on improving the teaching environment for both teachers and students. Staff are managed so that they are constantly supported, encouraged and challenged to be better teachers.

Administrative Support



Teaching Assistants

Related Arts

Acting Principal

Ms. Trina Gandy

Ms. Gandy holds two master’s degrees and is pursuied her doctorate at UW-Madison. In addition to her experience as a classroom teacher, Ms. Gandy has served in various school administration roles. 

Dean of Intermediate School

Mr. Marcus Knox

Dean of Middle School

Ms. Trina Gandy

Dean of Primary School

Ms. Clarissa Ramos

Dean of Family Engagement

Ms. Khiana Cobb

Room 105


Administrative Support


Ms. Aisha Stewart


phone: 414-353-3830 ext. 300

Office Assistant

Ms. Linda Harris


phone: 414-353-3830 ext. 302




Ms. Emily Beskow


Ms. Nicole VonRueden


Ms. Ashley Kerrens


Ms. Keri Koepke

1st Grade

Ms. Allison Price

1st Grade

Ms. Shaunae Davis

2nd Grade

Ms.  Amber Scholle-Malone

2nd Grade

Mr. Sean Kuczynski

3rd Grade

Ms. Roxanne Heard

3rd Grade

Ms. Amber Shearer

4th Grade

Ms. Emily Taplin

4th Grade

Ms. Samantha Nacker

5th Grade

Ms. Layne Heidenrich

5th Grade 

Ms. Talonda Nelson

6th Grade Math & Science


6th Grade ELA & Social Studies


7th & 8th Grade Science

Ms. Susan Miller

3rd Grade

Ms. Daytona Boxley

7th & 8th Grade Math

Ms. Jayme Martin

7th & 8th Grade ELA

Ms. LaToya Chapman


Student Support

Special Education Coordinator

Ms. Kathryn Krupinski

Support Service of Primary

Jasmine Edwards

Support Service of Intermediate

Ms. Brandie Folsom

Support Service of
Middle School

Ms. Rocksand Byrd

Support Service
Educational Assistant

Mr. Marcus Reed


Teaching Assistants

Ms. Phillisha Baggett


Mr. Cordell Collins

Mr. Jeremy Lyons

Ms. Quiana Campbell


Related Arts

Physical Education

Mr. Marvell Brown


Ms. LaaTrece Hughes


Mr. Christopher Harper

Fine Art

Ms. Brittany Tate